“Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place.” Nelson Mandela in a letter to Barack Obama

It has been almost two weeks since (ex-) Senator Obama transformed into President-Elect Obama and the world is eagerly awaiting the final transformation to President Obama. But the focus of this post is not Barack Obama, but rather the rejuvenation of a forlorn concept of hope. For that matter, I could’ve started with Nelson Mandela, the day he was released from jail. Or talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. Or about the independence of Namibia. Or about Ron Clark and how he brought about the change in outlook towards imparting education to the less fortunate. Or about Geoffrey Canada and the Harlem Children’s Zone. I could go on, for surely the list is endless, and moreover, continuously growing.

And then to majority of us, hope comes in various forms and attached with various strings. The adage “this too shall pass” is one form of hope that is making many of us move forward, living our lives, however mundane they may be, and dealing with whatever life throws at us. Destiny, fate, meant to be… whatever you call it, at the end of it all, we realize, all if it is deal-able. Our lives, our selves, our souls, and the issues and circumstances we face, they are all malleable. While dealing with life, albeit overlooking “living” the very same life, many of us come out heroes, in our own special way. Like the author of The Abstract Spirit. She is grappling the void in her life by fighting to fill it up, to call on her own self to full potential and realizing herself as nobody made her realize. People like these deserve the badge of heroes and have earned their way in the list of people I mentioned at the beginning.

Reading through her brand new blog, the job hunting days resonated with mine. It is amazing how we pin our worth on the hope that someone else will value us by giving us a job. And if we get rejected, we lose all sense of our own worth. And then my friend c at Piece Republic talks about the full circle of life. While starting off at the little stream, we form a view of the world, our own personal view that becomes highly precious. We hold on to some form of it as we go through the process of life, adding, adapting that view according to the new pieces of information and experiences we accumulate through our lives. Somewhere along the way we come across the dangerous concept of dreams and hope and decide to give our lives a direction or provide a destination to the direction our lives are already headed in. Some of us may even attain the goals of our lives or arrive at the destination we dreamt of and hoped to get to. But at the end of it all, once life turns full circle, we all wither and die, and no matter how we plead at that point and give proof of our contributions and impact and the changes we help brought or the revolutions we helped feed or the rebellions we helped propagate, at that point in time nothing else matters except for one thing. And that is the lesson to the end of the game. We contribute to the generation in front of us, pass the baton and move on, making space for more achievements and contributions.

The lesson at the end of it all is that there is hope. Hope that someone somewhere is going to pick up from where we left off. Similar to changing jobs. Someone is bound to replace us and pick up things from where we left. In the Abstract Spirit, the mom and the wife and the creative soul is converging into one big force that has been capable of generating 3GB (and counting) of creative work, some very cool children (I’m sure) and a great marriage that despite its ups and downs gives the comfort that the better half is there, ready to be shaken out of their (inward) lives, but there nevertheless to become the haven of tranquility and comfort we had once known them to be.

Fear is the single most deterrent to hope. What if my hopes get killed again, what if my dreams get trampled over? Lisa Nowak at the Tao of Webfoot was wondering just that when she heard that Obama had won the elections. She wanted to wait till the next morning to believe it. And coming back to the point with which I started – the election of Barack Obama has caused the resonation of yes we can in each and every soul around the world. It has touched everybody and it has ignited the realization that what was previously in the realm of impossible very much resided all along in the confines of the possible. But the fire starter that started it all, will he be able to come up to our hopes? Will he be able to one day come out and say yes we did! Will the fire of hope start more and allow the light to be carried on for generations to come long after we’ve withered away even from memories?

Dante, in his Divine Comedy has said – “Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.” The world smells of this sort of place upon entering which the concept of hope is all but vanquished. Every day is the dawn of a brand new world. Not only the day that saw history being made when Obama got elected. But every day. Things will fall apart only for the pieces to be picked up by those who have found new hope. But will that hope turn a full circle and allow us to fight our fears? Only time will tell.


~ by z on November 18, 2008.

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